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desire layouts
a lj & veoh profile page layout community
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- Let me tell you something about desire
Welcome to desirelayouts.

We provide free layout codes for both LiveJournal and Veoh.

Please join the community if you wish to view the LiveJournal layouts.

All layouts are open to public viewing. Click on any thumbnail to view layout and to get the codes.
23rd-Apr-2008 11:48 pm - Unbelievable
This is a layout community. I made all the layouts here myself. I leave LJ for a few days only to find - to my extreme annoyance - that someone had the bloody nerve to hijack this community and make a pimp post about their products. WTF.

Respect desirelayouts please, as a place to get your layouts.


Just because I'm not too stuffy about the rules and the posting access here doesn't mean you can take advantage of it.
Anyone who attempts these sort of things here will be banned, like closetvibes.
18th-Mar-2008 11:16 pm - Crushcrushcrush
Title: Crushcrushcrush

(click image to view full size)

Download code: [[ HERE: Crushcrushcrush ]]

Installation: After downloading the file, open it in a text editing program like Notepad. Highlight everything, right-click, and Copy. Log in to Veoh and go to your Edit Profile page. In the textarea under Enter Custom CSS to Profile, Paste all the codes and click Save. If you do not see any immediate changes to your Profile page, click Refresh.
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